Inspectorate of Factories

Department of Labour Welfare




The Inspectorate of Factories is an organization under the administrative control of the Department of Labour Welfare, Govt. of Assam. The Chief Inspector of Factories is the head of the department who sits at his office at Bhangagarh , G.S.Road, Guwahati-5. The main function of this inspectorate is the implementation of various provisions of Safety, Health and Welfare of The Factories Act,1948 and The Assam Factories Rules, 1950 beside various other Acts and Rules applicable to the factories in the state of Assam. For the efficient service delivery at the cutting edge level there are 4 (four) Zonal Factory Offices and 7 (seven) District Factory Offices covering the entire state. All together 31 officers out of which 1(one) C.I.F., 3 (three) Addl.C.I.Fs, 4 (four) Sr.I.Fs, 19 (nineteen) I.Fs, 1(one) Medical I.F. and 3(three) Certifying Surgeons are exercising their dedicated service towards achieving a decent, safe and healthy working environment in work places. A Safety Cell and an Industrial Hygiene Laboratory located at the head quarter at Guwahati are closely monitoring the working conditions of the factory premises for an accident free, occupational disease free and disaster free environment which largely contributes to a sustainable socio-economic development and increased productivity of the nation.


» Total implementation of the provisions of The Factories Act,1948 and The Assam Factories Rules,1950 and other Acts & Rules applicable in the factories of the State of Assam through regular inspection at least once in a year and to generate awareness towards safety among the factory workers and management.

» To bring down the number of accidents & dangerous occurrences in the factories.

» To detect & eradicate occupational diseases and consequent compensation and rehabilitation of the workers/ victims.

» To detect & eliminate child labour completely from the factories of the State.


» Enforcement of The Factories Act, 1948, The Assam Factories Rule, 1950 and other Acts & Rules applicable in the factories of the state of Assam.

» Inspection and providing practical guidance and encouraging employers and employees in their efforts to reduce the incidence of occupational safety and health risks at work places and to improve safe and healthful working conditions

» Investigation and recommendation of work related accidents and dangerous occurrences, their causes and measures for prevention of future recurrence.

» Prosecution and control as deterrent for violation of laws.

» Examination, testing and certification of stability of buildings, machineries and equipments being used in the factories.

» Work as Member Secretary of Crisis Group formed under the Chemical Accidents (Emergency Plan, Preparedness and Response) Rules, 1996.

» Promotion of safety and health awareness through training programs, seminars and workshops.

» Monitoring of work environment for mitigation of Air and Water pollution, temperature, noise level etc. and to arrest and eliminate occupational diseases in the factories.

» Collection, compilation and furnishing of statistical data on employment, activities of Inspectorate and Factories including work related injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences.

» Preparation of Off-site Emergency Plan for factories assisting the District Administration Authority.

» Recognition of competent persons for third party test, examination and certification of buildings, machineries and equipments.


The vision of the department is to achieve occupational safety, health and environment in the factories of the State of Assam.


To ensure decent, safe and healthy working conditions for every worker in factory.